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nine inch nails
"The Warning"
Year Zero

An odd entry on the list. It doesn't use a traditional cowbell. It uses electronic cowbell. It's not necessarily recognizable at first, but you can hear it over the top of everything else during the second verse and a little bit in the outro. It's a nice departure from the traditional cowbell. Plus it's nine inch nails.

The song by itself doesn't make much sense. It needs the entire story of the album to make sense. The song is about "The Presence," which is an arm that reaches down from the sky in the world created for the Year Zero album. It's quite the elaborate story, if you are interested. You can see "The Presence" on the album cover above. Also, the when the static at the end of the song is run through a logarithmic spectrometer, it looks like this:


The Bell Score: 4.0664

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