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Blind Faith
"Well...All Right" [Buddy Holly]
Blind Faith

This proto-supergroup most notably consisted of Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group and Traffic), Ginger Baker (drummer for Cream), and plucky, young guitar player named Eric Clapton. They only released one album, 1969's eponymous, Blind Faith.

This song is a Buddy Holly original. Blind Faith's rendition does differ in the addition of an intro and the repeating of said intro near the end of the song. Other than that, it's a pretty faithful cover. The defiant message of Holly's original remains intact. It's the old "who cares what our parents think" song.

Of course, the addition of cowbell makes the song that much better. It's definitely an improvement over the ride cymbal used in the original. Now, the percussion in Buddy Holly's version could be construed as being cowbell, but I really think it's the ride, until I'm proven otherwise.

The Bell Score: 4.19642

Allmusic ((( Blind Faith > Overview )))
Allmusic (((Blind Faith > Overview )))
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