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The Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew
"The Super Bowl Shuffle"
The Super Bowl Shuffle (Single)
Red Label

Ah! My youth. When rap wasn't so angry. When using the word "ass" in a song would get a penalty flag. When the Chicago Bears were the best in the biz of football.

This song is cheesy as hell, but you gotta love it, if you're a Bears fan that is. It's so damn bad that's it's good. Although, it was apparently good enough that it got nominated for a Grammy in 1987. They were up against some stiff competition with Cameo's "Word Up!," Run-D.M.C.'s Raising Hell, and the eventual winner, Prince's "Kiss." I suppose if they had to lose to someone, it would be an honor to lose to Prince, because he's a mad genius.

Below is an update of the song from the Season 3 premeire of FX Network's hilarious The League. The clip features the character Ruxin (played by Nick Kroll) gloating about his winning of last year's fantasy football league (The Shiva Bowl) with Maurice Jones-Drew, Brent Grimes, and Sidney Rice.

The Shiva Bowl Shuffle from Will Sherman on Vimeo.

And, who's that handsome devil at the top of the page? Why, that's Maury Buford, the Bears' middle-of-the-road punter from the 1985-86 championship season. Be sure to keep an eye out for him in the video below. He'll be the one wearing the white fedora banging on the cowbell.

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle - 1985 from ASU Alumni Association on Vimeo.

The Bell Score: 3.65074

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