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Shandi's Addiction
"Calling Dr. Love" [KISS]
KISS My Ass: Classic KISS Regrooved

Shandi's Addiction was a one-off supergroup created for the KISS My Ass tribute album. Tom Morello and Brad Wilk (of Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave) play guitar and drums, respectively. Billy Gould from Faith No More on bass and Maynard James Keenan of Tool & A Perfect Circle on vocals. Too bad that didn't do anything else (even if it would have been more KISS cover), because it would have been pretty cool. I have to assume that they took their name from the KISS song "Shandi" from 1980's Unmasked.

It's a fairly faithful cover. There's a little bit longer intro and some longer instrumental sections for Tom Morello to show off his signature processed staccato guitar sound, which I happen to enjoy. This version is many times mistaken for a Rage Against the Machine cover due to it sounding very much like their style. It is also obviously mistaken for Tool due to Maynard James Keenan singing. I don't much care for KISS, because of the glut of KISS merchandise that has flooded the market since I was young, but I do give them some credit for writing good, catchy, rock songs that have stood the test of time, like this one.

The Bell Score: 3.18113

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