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Queens of the Stone Age
"In the Fade"
Rated R

Queens of the Stone Age are definitely one of the best straight up rock and roll bands in the biz today. The amazing fact is that they have consistently put out great music with an ever-revolving cast of musicians. The one mainstay has been founder and primary songwriter, Josh Homme.

This track features one member of the ever-revolving cast former Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan. And it works very well. His raspy vocals really compliment the subject matter of love, loss, and suicide. I'm not sure if it would sound or feel the same if Josh had sung it. I like to think Lanegan is a younger Tom Waits.

The bass line amazing and so is the lead guitar. The backing vocals consist of a monotone "Ahhhhhh". It's rather creepy. The cowbell is truly an accent here. You really have to listen for it after some of the lines in the verses and the bridge. Use your headphones.

The Bell Score: 4.28394

Queens Of The Stone Age
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  • Michael Armstrong

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