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"Drag the Waters"
The Great Southern Trendkill
East West

This is the one that started this whole thing for me. On the way to see Pantera with Soulfly, Morbid Angel, and Nothingface in Fort Wayne with some friends way back in 2000, we remarked on how the use of cowbell in such a heavy song seemed out of place. Speaking extemporaneously, I remarked that there should be a website devoted to the use of cowbell in music. It was such a crazy idea that it just might work. And here we are...

So, the song is typical Pantera mid-tempo, heavy riffing, Phil Anselmo's characteristic snearing vocals and lyrics. The song's about digging deeper for the truth and not accepting things at face-value. I will say that the cowbell in this song sounds like they went out to the pasture outside the studio in Texas where they recorded the album, ripped the bell from a cow's neck and slapped on Vinnie Paul's drum kit.

The Bell Score: 3.342

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