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Led Zeppelin
"Good Times Bad Times"
Led Zeppelin

What a song to kick off a debut album with. Great riff, great bass line, great lyrics. Bonzo's kick drum triplets are great! He does that with one pedal! No double kick drum. No cheater pedal. Truly amazing!

The cowbell fills at the beginning are great! And the steady cowbell beat during the intro is awesome. Probably the most rocking of the songs on the list. Certainly one of my favorites. I suggest you crank it!

Below you will see the performance of "Good Times Bad Times" from the December 10, 2007 reunion show in London.

Of the covers, Carl Weathersby's version is really the most inspired, even though it doesn't have any cowbell in it. Phish jam out their version. Godsmack's version is as boring as their own music. The drummer also cheats by using the ride cymbal instead of the cowbell during the first verse. Nuclear Assault's version is funny for the hair metal vocals and sped up tempo.

The Bell Score: 4.31794

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Allmusic (((Led Zeppelin > Overview )))
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