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Jenny Lewis, Featuring: The Watson Twins
"Handle with Care" [The Traveling Wilburys]
Rabbit Fur Coat
Team Love

I was first knowingly exposed Jenny Lewis via her band, Rilo Kiley. I say knowingly, because she was a child actor and I now recall her in The Wizard (with Fred Savage) and in Troop Beverly Hills (starring Shelley Long).

Moving on...I was not initially impressed by the music and it was archived away. I happened upon this album and I was struck by it. I really think it has to do with the time of my life in which I first heard Rilo Kiley. I think they were too country for me when I first heard them.

This song is performed with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie as Roy Orbison, Conor Oberst as Bob Dylan and M. Ward as Jeff Lynne. This version has actually led me back to re-discover The Traveling Wilburys. This version is a little more subdued and raw when compared to the Wilburys' original. Also, Lewis changed one of George Harrison's lyrics. The original line is "I've been fobbed off, and I've been fooled." It has been updated to a more modern "I've been fucked off, and I've been fooled."

Apparently "fobbed" is an antiquated word that means to cheat someone by switching for something inferior and passing it off as something superior. Here's your entry:

fob (v.) "to cheat," 1583, from obsolete noun fobbe "cheat, trickster" (1393), perhaps from O.Fr. forbe "cheat." Alternative etymology holds that the word is perhaps related to Ger. foppen "to jeer at, make a fool of" (see fop); or from Ger. fuppen, einfuppen "to pocket stealthily," which would connect it to fob (n.). To fob (someone) off is first recorded 1597.

The Bell Score: 3.75684

Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins []
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