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Electric Six
"Gay Bar"
XL Recordings

Electric Six push buttons. This song exemplifies that fact like no other. First off, it's called "Gay Bar." That makes it offensive to say at least half of the country, if we go by how the 2004 presidential election went down. Then, the video has a bunch of Abraham Lincolns in leather shorts, various thongs and other leather goods spinning, pole dancing, weightlifting, pantomiming the masturbation of one another, and many other suggestive things. You can watch it below, but remember you can't unwatch it. There's no nudity or anything particularly vulgar, just hella innuendo and some tastelessness featuring our 16th President.

All controversy aside, the song is good. Surf-rock guitar riff, a rippin' solo, handclaps, cowbell lead-in to the finale, and Jack White singing backup. It's funny that there's an edit of the song in Britain where the words "nuclear" and "war" are edited out and replaced by a whip sound, because the release of the song there coincided with the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Sad.

The song has seen huge success on the internet due to homemade viral videos featuring anything from Tony Blair with George Bush, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, and Lord of the Rings. One of my personal favorites is the video featuring the puppies and kitties from Watch it below.

The Bell Score: 4.0788

Electric Six
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