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Eagles of Death Metal
"Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)"
Peace Love Death Metal
Ant Acid Audio

Eagles of Death Metal are an interesting lot, primarily consisting of Jesse "The Devil" Hughes on vocals and guiatr and his more well known buddy, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, ex-Kyuss) on drums. It is certainly odd to hear Homme, singer and guitarist for QotSA by day, testing his hand at drumming. I can say that his drumming has gotten better since the release of Peace Love Death Metal.

Last time I checked (and I do check often), "whorehoppin'" is not a word in the Oxford English Dictionary. Google it. Nothing but EoDM references. That leaves only one option. If we use context clues in the lyrics, we can deduce that "whorehoppin'" is probably a sort of crusing for chicks, perhaps chicks of a professional persuasion.

This is probably my favorite EoDM song that contains cowbell. The refrain of "Shit, goddman," while possibly vulgar to some and blasphemous to most, is so infectious that I can't help but to sing along with it. Did I mention that there's a talk box solo for all you Frampton fans out there?

The video below is a really well fan made for the song.

The Bell Score: 3.59241

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