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Sheila E. - "The Glamorous Life"

E.U. - "Da' Butt"

Eagles - "Last Good Time In Town"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)"

Eagles of Death Metal - "English Girl"

Eagles of Death Metal - "How Can a Man With So Many Friends Feel So All Alone"

Eagles of Death Metal - "I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)"

Eagles of Death Metal - "I Like to Move in the Night"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Keep Your Head Up"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Kiss the Devil"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Solid Gold"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Speaking in Tongues"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Stacks o' Money"

Eagles of Death Metal - "The Deuce"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Wastin' My Time"

Eagles of Death Metal - "Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)"

Earl Juke - "I Got Music"

Earth, Wind & Fire - "Africano"

Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fall in Love with Me"

Earth, Wind & Fire - "September"

Earth, Wind & Fire - "Serpentine Fire"

Ecstatic Vision - "Cross the Divide"

Ecstatic Vision - "Journey"

Edelweiss - "Bring Me Edelweiss"

Editors - "All Sparks"

Editors - "Blood"

Editors - "Fingers in the Factories"

Dave Edmunds - "Girls Talk"[Elvis Costello & The Attractions]

Edwin - "Trippin'"

Eels - "Oh Well (Live KCRW)"[Fleetwood Mac]

The Egyptian Lover - "Freak-A-Holic"

Eighteen Visions - "Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, Sixty-Nine 'Em"

Eighteen Wheels Burning - "Tears of the Moon"

Either/Orchestra - "Lay Lady Lay"[Bob Dylan]

El Caco - "High on a Low"

Eliane Elías - "Oye Cómo Va"[Tito Puente]

Electic Light Orchestra - "Do Ya"[The Move]

Electic Light Orchestra - "Evil Woman"

Electic Light Orchestra - "Jungle"

Electic Light Orchestra - "Livin' Thing"

Electic Light Orchestra - "Night in the City"

Electic Light Orchestra - "Rock 'n' Roll Is King"

Electric Eel Shock - "Live Wire"[Mötley Crüe]

The Electric Hellfire Club - "Calling Dr. Love"[KISS]

The Electric Indian - "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"[Gladys Knight & the Pips]

The Electric Prunes - "Wind-Up Toys"

Electric Six - "Bite Me"

Electric Six - "Body Shot"

Electric Six - "Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom"

Electric Six - "Fabulous People"

Electric Six - "Gay Bar"

Electric Six - "Heavy Woman"

Electric Six - "Kukuxumushu"

Electric Six - "Rock Show"[Peaches]

Electric Six - "Rubbin' Me the Wrong Way"

Electric Six - "Sexy Trash"

Electric Six - "The Newark Airport Boogie"

Danny Elfman - "Wonka's Welcome Song"

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott - "We Did It"

Joe Ely - "Everybody Got Hammered"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Brain Salad Surgery"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Drum Solo"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Fanfare for the Common Man"[Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra]

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Jeremy Bender"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Pt. 1"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "New Orleans"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Oh, My Father"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Pirates"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Tarkus"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "The Sheriff"

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Trilogy"

EMF - "Unbelievable"

Eminem - "Berzerk"

Eminem - "Cum on Everybody"

En Vogue - "Free Your Mind"

Energie du Verre - "Rockin' Habañera"

Torben Enevoldsen - "Go Figure"

Torben Enevoldsen - "Just in Case"

Torben Enevoldsen - "Odd Measures"

Ty England - "The Blues Ain't News to Me"

Jesus Enriquez - "With a Little Help From My Friends (La Ayuda de la Amistad)"[The Beatles]

Entombed - "Something Out of Nothing"

Entombed - "Wound"

Enuff Z'nuff - "Hot Little Summer Girl"

Erasure - "Oh l'amour (The Funky Sisters Remix)"

The Erotics - "Public Enemy #1"[Mötley Crüe]

The Erotics - "Space Age Mafia"

Ervinna (爱慧娜) - "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door"[The Isley Brothers]

The Escape Club - "Wild, Wild West"

Escort - "Caméleon Chameleon"

ESG - "My Love for You"

ESP - "We're an American Band"[Grand Funk Railroad]

Esquivel and His Orchestra - "All of Me"[Ruth Etting]

Esquivel and His Orchestra - "Cherokee"[Clifford Brown]

Gloria Estefan - "I Can't Believe"

Gloria Estefan - "Let's Get Loud"

Gloria Estefan - "Make Me Say Yes"

Gloria Estefan - "Miss Little Havana"

Gloria Estefan - "On"

Gloria Estefan - "Say Ay"

Gloria Estefan - "Wepa"

Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"

Eux Autres - "What It Is"

Sara Evans - "Perfect"

Gil Evans Orchestra - "Stone Free"[The Jimi Hendrix Experience]

Everclear - "Hater"

Everclear - "One Hit Wonder"

The Everly Brothers - "Muskrat"

Every Avenue - "Trading Heartbeats"

Every Time I Die - "I Been Gone a Long Time"

Every Time I Die - "Organ Grinder"

Every Time I Die - "The New Black"

Every Time I Die - "Tusk and Temper"

Every Time I Die - "We'rewolf"

Everything - "Good Thing (St. Luicia)"

Everything - "Super Natural"

Everything But the Girl - "Corcovado (Knee Deep Classic Club Mix)"

Everything But the Girl - "Driving"

Everything But the Girl - "Each and Every One"

Everything But the Girl - "Goodbye Sunday"

Everything But the Girl - "Gun Cupboard Love"

Everything But the Girl - "I Always Was Your Girl"

Everything But the Girl - "Imagining America"

Everything But the Girl - "Missing"

Everything But the Girl - "Rollercoaster"

Everything But the Girl - "Talk to Me Like the Sea"

Everything But the Girl - "Temperamental (Ananda Project Remix)"

Everything Everything - "Distant Past"

Evil Cowards - "Dormitory Girls"

Evil Cowards - "Jerkin Each Other Around"

Evil Cowards - "Military Man"

Evil Cowards - "Moving Through Security"

Evil Cowards - "Optical Day"

Evil Cowards - "Soldiers of Satan"

Evil Cowards - "Summer of the Purple Man"

Evil Cowards - "Theme From Evil Cowards"

Evil Nine - "Crooked"

Evil Nine - "Earth"

Evil Nine - "Feed on You"

Evil Nine - "We Have the Energy"

Exodus - "Low Rider"[WAR]

Exodus - "Pleasures of the Flesh"

Exodus - "Throwing Down"

The Exploding Hearts - "Shattered (You Left Me)"

Extreme - "Big Boys Don't Cry"

Extreme - "Flesh 'N' Blood"

Extreme - "Kid Ego"

Extreme - "Little Girls"

Extreme - "Peacemaker Die"

Extreme - "Smoke Signals"

Extreme - "Strutter"[KISS]

Extreme - "Teacher's Pet"

Extreme - "Wind Me Up"

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