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This is the official blog for the Ultimate Cowbell Database. Here you'll find playlists, song information, reviews and other insights related to the 3800+ cowbell-containing songs in the UCDb!

ultimate cowbell update: #3708 - #3749

The latest update to the #UCDb has been posted:

3708 Nylon 66'ers - “Oye Cómo Va?” [Tito Puente]
3709 Acker Bilk - “Lay Lady Lay” [Bob Dylan]
3710 Pete Drake - “Lay Lady Lay” [Bob Dylan]
3711 Either/Orchestra - “Lay Lady Lay” [Bob Dylan]
3712 Fleetwood Mac - “Go Your Own Way (Live)”
3713 Boy Girl Boy Girl - “Lay Lady Lay” [Bob Dylan]
3714 Bryan Adams - “Down on the Corner” [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
3715 Shamir - “On the Regular”
3716 Jeanette “Lady” Day - “Come Let Me Love You”
3717 The Fatback Band - “Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)”
3718 Local H - “Some Weird Sin” [Iggy Pop]
3719 Taylor Swift - “Shake It Off”
3720 Brownout - “Fairies Wear Boots (Bootleg)” [Black Sabbath]
3721 DeVotchKa - “The Enemy Guns”
3722 Iron and Wine - “The Trapeze Swinger”
3723 Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - “Little Boys With Shiny Toys”
3724 Kris Kristofferson - “Hellacious Acres”
3725 Elvis Presley - “Put Your Hand in the Hand” [Anne Murray]
3726 Lauryn Hill - “Superstar”
3727 Lauryn Hill - “Every Ghetto, Every City”
3728 Rare Earth - “What’d I Say” [Ray Charles]
3729 Johnny Mathis - “Summer Breeze” [Seals & Crofts]
3730 Percy Faith - “Summer Breeze” [Seals & Crofts]
3731 The Main Ingredient - “Summer Breeze” [Seals & Crofts]
3732 Peter Bjorn and John - “Summer Breeze” [Seals & Crofts]
3733 Revolting Cocks - “We Shall Cleanse the World”
3734 Aphex Twin - “0035 1-Audio”
3735 Aphex Twin - “DISKPREPT4″
3736 Motion City Soundtrack - “Her Words Destroyed My Planet”
3737 Insane Clown Posse - “Posse on Broadway” [Sir Mix-A-Lot]
3738 Glee Cast - “Control” [Janet Jackson]
3739 Don Covay - “Take This Hurt Off Me”
3740 Omar Rodríguez-López - “Private Fortunes”
3741 Danny Elfman - “Wonka’s Welcome Song”
3742 Vita featuring Ashanti - “Justify My Love” [Madonna]
3743 Ministry - “Hizbollah”
3744 Friendly Fires - “Paris”
3745 Big Data featuring Jamie Lidell - “Clean”
3746 Buddy Holly - “Heartbeat”
3747 Speedy Sparks - “Heartbeat” [Buddy Holly]
3748 Pat DiNizio - "Heartbeat” [Buddy Holly]
3749 Keld Heick - "Heartbeat” [Buddy Holly]

The Ultimate Presidential Cowbell Songs


The Ultimate Presidential Cowbell Songs

The Ultimate Love Cowbell Songs - Pop/R&B Edition


The Ultimate Love Cowbell Songs - Pop/R&B Edition

The Ultimate Love Cowbell Songs - Rock Edition


The Ultimate Love Cowbell Songs - Rock Edition

The Ultimate Love Cowbell Songs - Hard Rock/Metal Edition


The Ultimate Love Cowbell Songs - Hard Rock/Metal Edition

ultimate cowbell update: #3660 - #3707

The latest update to the #UCDb has been posted:

3660 Camel - “Another Night”
3661 Fireball Ministry - “Death Dealer”
3662 Fireball Ministry - “The Man”
3663 The Atomic Bitchwax - “Dishing Out a Heavy Dose of Tough Love”
3664 Bertine Zetlitz - “Rollerskating”
3665 Deerhoof - “Believe E.S.P.”
3666 Acrimony - “Second Wind”
3667 Acrimony - “Spaced Cat #6″
3668 Bedemon - “Child of Darkness”
3669 Blowback - “ Autumn Leaf”
3670 Blowback - “Holy Skies”
3671 Ridge - “ Silver Dragon”
3672 Internal Void - “Thoughts of Misconception”
3673 Internal Void - “ Pint of Love”
3674 The Atomic Bitchwax - “Crazed Fandango” [Tommy Bolin]
3675 Cathedral - “Black Robed Avenger”
3676 Pentagram - “Prayer for an Exit Before the Dead End”
3677 Stacy Lattisaw - “Jump to the Beat”
3678 Bedemon - “Enslaver of Humanity”
3679 Thulsa Doom - “Sins of the Next Man”
3680 Fireball Ministry - “Muscle of Love” [Alice Cooper]
3681 Gluecifer - “Put Me on a Plate”
3682 The Atomic Bitchwax - “Shit Kicker”
3683 The Atomic Bitchwax - “You Can’t Win”
3684 Falcon - “Redman” [Bang]
3685 Cathedral - “Heavy Load”
3686 Cathedral - “Utopian Blaster”
3687 Church of Misery (チャーチ・オブ・ミザリ) - “Soul Discharge (Mark Essex)”
3688 The Gates of Slumber - “Slay the Weak”
3689 Saint Etienne - “Split Screen”
3690 Eddie Floyd - “Don’t Tell Your Mama (Where You’ve Been)”
3691 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - “Oh Well (Live)” [Fleetwood Mac]
3692 HAIM - “Oh Well (Bootleg)” [Fleetwood Mac]
3693 Eels - “Oh Well (Live KCRW)” [Fleetwood Mac]
3694 Juluka - “Scatterlings of Africa”
3695 Bilge Pump - “Up the Nest”
3696 Bilge Pump - “Bastard Scaffolder”
3697 Bilge Pump - “Budda”
3698 Schenker-Pattison Summit - "Rock Steady” [Bad Company]
3699 All Saints - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3700 Lady Soul - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3701 Christy Love - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3702 Herbie Mann - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3703 Pride & Joy - “Lady Marmalade (Live)” [The Eleventh Hour]
3704 Mongo Santamaría - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3705 Taliesin Orchestra - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3706 Sabrina - “Lady Marmalade” [The Eleventh Hour]
3707 P!nk -  “Lady Marmalade (Live)” [The Eleventh Hour]

The Ultimate Mardi Gras Cowbell Songs

The Ultimate Mardi Gras Cowbell Songs

The Ultimate Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey Cowbell Songs

The Ultimate Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey Cowbell Songs

Happy birthday to the red-headed stranger, Will Nelson. Now, we haven’t tracked down any cowbell songs for Willie just yet. Instead, we present to you Clutch’s “Willie Nelson” and two cover versions of one of Willie’s signature tunes, “Always on My Mind.” Enjoy!

Clutch - “Willie Nelson”

Pet Shop Boys - “Always on My Mind”

The Shadows - “Always on My Mind”

I’d say you would have to watch out for cow pies.

The MOST cowbell:



After all we came undone
A pair of sluts with hosts that fall
One day we will pay your debt
Our centipedes will pick the dead


ultimate cowbell: The Mars Volta - “Day of the Baphomets”


Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Time isn’t holding us, time isn’t after us.

ultimate cowbell: Talking Heads - “Once in a Lifetime”

A hearty happy birthday to James Newell Osterberg, Jr., otherwise known as Iggy Pop to you and I. Iggy has a number of entires in the #UCDb. Here they are:

“Gimme Danger” (with The Stooges)

“The Passenger”


“Some Weird Sin”


The Ultimate 420 Cowbell Songs


The year is 2087, I am on my in the hospital just moments away from death. My daughter comes up to me and holds my hand and says “mom. I know there’s not much I can do for you now. But if you need anything… Just tell me.” I look her in the eyes and say “I need… More cowbell” the opening guitar solo from “(dont fear) the reaper” by öyster blasts from the heavens and my guardian angel descends in a cloud of smoke just totally jamming on the cow bell and throws me a cowbell to join in and so my angel and I ( I have left my body at this point and am now just a soul) we’re just fuckin jamming together and then we cowbell our way to heaven


That’s how I wanna go…cowbelling my way to heaven.


Steal My Sunshine - Len

ultimate cowbell: LEN - Steal My Sunshine [Andrea True Connection]

Well played!

Check out Sir Elton on the #UCDb:

“Ballad of a Well-Known Gun”

“Just Like Noah’s Ark”

“Madman Across the Water”

“Sick City”


Whack that cowbell, Kenny!

ultimate cowbell: Simple Minds - “New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)”

ultimate cowbell update: #2987, #3618 - #3659

The latest update to the #UCDb has been posted:

Found a duplicate entry in the database, that’s why there is one non-sequential number in the update.

2987 Agnetha Fältskog  “The Heat Is On”
3618 U2 - “One Tree Hill”
3619 Olympic Hopefuls - “ Let’s Go!”
3620 Noise Therapy - “Down”
3621 GOAT - “ Goatslaves”
3622 Woods - “With Light and With Love”
3623 Vibravoid - “Incense and Peppermints” [Strawberry Alarm Clock]
3624 Dead Man - “ Motor Psycho”
3625 Black Tambourine - “Heartbeat” [Buddy Holly]
3626 Hawkwind - “ Kings of Speed”
3627 The Doobie Brothers - “Livin’ on the Fault Line”
3628 Devil - “ At the Blacksmith's”
3629 My Brother the Wind - “The Mournful Howl of Dawn”
3630 Possessed - “ Thunder & Lightning”
3631 UNKLE featuring Josh Homme - “ Restless”
3632 Black Land - “ R ‘n R Bite”
3633 Kometa - “The Lesser of Two Evils”
3634 Contemporary Noise Quintet - “ Sophie”
3635 Cathedral - “Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine”
3636 MSTRKRFT - “1000 Cigarettes”
3637 The Beta Band - “The House Song”
3638 The Beta Band - “Inner Meet Me”
3639 Cactus - "Long Tall Sally” [Little Richard and His Band]
3640 Iron Claw - “Mist Eye”
3641 Jimi Hendrix - “Night Bird Flying”
3642 Lord Fowl - “Animal”
3643 Lord Fowl - “Bird of Good Omen”
3644 Greenleaf - “You Got Me High”
3645 Eighteen Wheels Burning - “Tears of the Moon”
3646 Flower Travellin’ Band (フラワー・トラベリン・バンド) - "Louisiana Blues” [Muddy Waters]
3647 The Atomic Bitchwax - “Dark Chi”
3648 Steel Mammoth - “Blackout Leather”
3649 Danko Jones - “The Mango Kid”
3650 Karma to Burn - “Thirty Three”
3651 Can - “Paperhouse”
3652 Bangkok Impact - “La Musche”
3653 Carnivore - “Thermonuclear Warrior”
3654 Carnivore - “God Is Dead”
3655 Carnivore - “Legion of Doom”
3656 Bigelf - “I, the Jury”
3657 Gluecifer - “Titanium Sunset”
3658 El Caco - “High on a Low”
3659 Beth In Battle Mode - “Technical Know-How”


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