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Stealers Wheel
"Who Cares?"
Ferguslie Park

There are a few Stealers Wheel songs on the list. This one isn't as nearly famous as "Stuck in the Middle with You". It's kind of a downer song. If you're feeling full of self-loathing and self-hatred, this song's for you. Check these low self-esteem tidbits out: "You get so tired of chasing dreams / You think that nothing’s true / You start to question everything / Everything you do". Here's all the lyrics.

The cowbell comes in during the Latin-esque coda to the song at 2:42. It's a percussionists wet dream—claves, shakers, possibly a vibraslap, congas (or some similar hand drums), and cowbell, of course. There's even a sax solo close everything out.

The Bell Score: 3.78942

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