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Tracey Thorn
"It's All True"
Out of the Woods

Tracey Thorn was the lead singer of Everything But the Girl, who are featured rather prominently on this site. This song was the lead single from her first post-EBTG album. It's got a definitely 80s synth feel to it. The cowbell is of the synthesized variety and it can be heard mostly in the intro and a bit during a small breakdown at 1:25.

The video is noteworthy. It features a wide shot of office workers sitting at their desks. As the song progresses, the monochrome clad workers begin dancing with more and more of the workers joining in. Thorn is seen from afar standing next to her desk and walking among the workers as they dance. It suits the song very well.

The Bell Score: 3.98162

TraCeY tHorN - fREE doWnloAd - oFfiCiaL wEbSitE
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