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Beastie Boys
"The Kangaroo Rat"
The Mix-Up

The Beastie Boys are quite the unique group of gentlemen. Not only can they rhyme like nobody's business, but they can also lay it down with instruments. That's what they do with The Mix-Up, the Beasties' first all instrumental album of completely new material.

First off, this is a kangaroo rat:

It is neither a kangaroo or a rat. It is a rodent, not a marsupial. It's a mouse. It does hop around in the manner of a kangaroo, hence the name.

As with many instrumental songs, it is hard to discern the inspiration behind the title. Perhaps it was the cowbell (agog˘) in the background that made them think of a kangaroo rat hoping around. Iádon't really know.

The Bell Score: 3.61

Beastie Boys
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